Is Dr Pepper zero keto friendly?

A lot of people on Reddit recently have been asking if ‘Is Dr Pepper zero keto friendly?’ and well the answer is not exactly straight forward.

Short Answer:  Dr Pepper Zero is ok

Yes, Dr Pepper zero is fine to have on a ketogenic diet.  If you have a look at the Nutritional Information the drink contains 0g of carbohydrates and sugars, thus making it fine to have on keto.  However long term it may have negative effects, keep reading to see why.

Is Dr Pepper zero keto friendly macros

Long Answer: Dr Pepper Zero is not ok

Yes I know I just contradicted myself but here is why.

Diet drinks have artificial sweeteners in them to give them that yummy taste we all love.  Unfortunately, even though the sweetener is fake, the body still reacts to it as if it’s real.

This is bad because it triggers an insulin response.  Without going into too much detail this can basically slow down your body’s ability to burn fat and remember on a keto diet you want your body to be as efficient as it can at burning fat.

For a longer explanation about diet drinks like Dr Pepper zero and their effects on Keto have a look at the article I wrote below.

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