Is Dr Pepper zero keto friendly?

A lot of people on Reddit recently have been asking if ‘Is Dr Pepper zero keto friendly?’ and well the answer is not exactly straight forward. Short Answer:  Dr Pepper Zero is ok Yes, Dr Pepper zero is fine to have on a ketogenic diet.  If you have a look at the Nutritional Information the drink … Read more

Does Keto cause dry skin?


Does keto cause dry skin? Most people on keto have experienced just how thirsty this way of eating can make you.  In most cases, you feel dehydrated because you are not getting enough electrolytes in your diet.  However, does keto make your skin dry? Being in Ketosis itself doesn’t necessarily cause dry skin, it’s more … Read more

Does Keto Cause Insomnia?


We all know how amazing keto is for getting rid of those love handles but is it causing other health problems? Some people on the ketogenic diet are finding it difficult to get to sleep at night or are waking up way too early in the morning. I have noticed myself that keto makes me an early bird. These changes in our sleep behaviour may lead us to ask, does keto cause … Read more

Less gassy on Keto Diet?


Let’s talk about farts.  We all do it; I do it, you do it, the dog does it and gets blamed for the ones they didn’t do.  But does keto cause us to be less gassy?  I’ve been following the keto/LCHF way of eating for about a year now, and I defiantly notice I have … Read more

Does smoking affect the keto diet?

Woman smoking 1950s

I was catching up with a friend of mine, and he commented on how much weight I’ve lost on Keto and he is thinking of doing it himself.   He was asking me a bunch of question, but one stumped me.  Being a smoker himself he asked if ‘Smoking affects the keto diet’ and unfortunately couldn’t … Read more

Is Coke Zero Keto friendly?

The question ‘Is Coke Zero Keto friendly?’ is certainly a heated debate across countless Facebook groups and forums, and many people have strong opinions on the subject.  If we look at the argument from a macro point of view, Coke Zero and most diet drinks have very low or nil carbohydrates.  So you can consume … Read more